When Life's Demands On Us Are More Than We Can Afford At That Moment

I woke up this morning with a feeling of being slightly overwhelmed by the so many small challenges that I face. I am not too sure about how to explain what I mean by saying “slightly overwhelmed” because I believe that you too will wonder what I am trying to say by that because it is commonly accepted that a person is either overwhelmed which means that they are totally defeated or else they must be absolutely “on top of their game” as the saying goes.

There are times in my life when some of the things that I have been ignoring and addressing by faith seem to be just standing there and daring me to try my best shot and see if they will move. It is at such times when I feel like being slightly overwhelmed. I have at many times asked myself if it is in line with the faith principles to feel like you are not going to break through. Is it unbelief to have such feelings? But then I also look at what the Bible say that Abraham did when he was faced with his own challenges; that he “against all hope, in hope believed” see Romans 4:18. I have a feeling that he too was at times faced with the question of whether he was going to breakthrough or just be totally broken by the challenges he faced.
My feelings of being slightly overwhelmed are not really heavier than a I can bear but rather they feel like I am carrying a light load of thorny spikes that I have to constantly shift from shoulder to shoulder in order to bear under their constant torment. My faith remains as rigid as ever but my feelings of victory are like they are on a see-saw and I have to relentlessly remind myself that God said “I know the plans that I have for you” see Jeremiah 29:11
I look at life from all different angles and realize that there is only one passage that I have to go through in order for me to move from where I am to where I wish to be,  and that passage is called the grace of God. It is actually truly amazing how His grace keeps me going despite all these episodes of feeling inadequate and defeated at times. I find myself getting stronger just by focussing on what God has done for others throughout His relationship with mankind.
It is the testimony of those who trusted in Him and stood the test of time without surrendering to their challenges that help me to see myself standing taller and feeling bolder by the end of each day. I wake up the next day feeling totally different from the day before and I realize that the grace that He promised has in reality engulfed not only my soul but my entire being as well and I am able to wake up the next morning knowing and affirming in my heart that it is well with my soul.
I have come to the conclusion that just being alive is a challenge by itself and that life is a game that I need to play not using only my faith but rather employing all the resources that God has put within my reach which are His word, the testimonies of others, and the work of The Holy Spirit who gives me strength in times of need.  When all these are in place I feel that I am ready to face my challenges and  announce that whatever demand life puts on me and I feel like I cannot afford then I can boldly say; “Jesus paid it all” and this shall become full payment that guarantees my acquittal from whatever situation that seeks to enslave me. To Him be the glory and the honour that no other king deserves. Amen

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Shoo! i feel u pastoor and he shall see us thru cause he is faithfull.


I realy relate with the story pr thought, and it gives me courage that l'm not alone or l can relate, and to keep the faith burning. I have this words in me nowadys, that l wont be the first person God will fail in doing something through me, He is too big to fail. Thanks for inspiration


I fully concur with you pastor V, everytime i listen to your lessons be it on Saturday nights or Sundays my faith is constantly challenged. You trully are the champion of faith in my lifetime.

Thank you for inspiring us daily.

'the grace' re ka ba eng ka ntle le mohau?????

Papa i relate with what your saying and it is at this time where life offers one short cuts but the Grace of God keep one holding on to what God promised and to what is true, holding on to the fact that our God has no ability to lie so we keep hoping and believing what he says, Yes he is an all knowing God...Miss RB!!!