Ten Rules to successful thinking - Part 1 MVK


# 1 Think with your head

Your first line of defence or offence in the world of thinking and imagination is your mind. If you don’t use your thinking faculties properly and effectively then you can rest assured that your downfall will not be difficult. Failure to think soberly and successfully renders all your other virtues to be null and void.
The mind is the battleground where all the challenges that we face are either won or lost before we can fully get into the actual conflict. So go on and create the habit of allowing your mind to sift through all the information you receive including the things you hear, and the ones you can’t hear. Never take anything at face value because most things are not what they seem to be. In the book of Romans 12:2 the bible encourages us to renew our minds so that we might be able to judge things properly.

# 2 Think with your heart

Your heart is where matters of life and death, failure and success are decided after your head or your mind has chosen the path that you are going to take. For as long as a matter is still in your head it is easy to discard it or change your mind about it but once it slips through your head into the heart it becomes a more serious battle to win the contest. Your heart is more delicate than your mind because the heart depends on the mind to make decisions that it has to digest. A strong heart linked with a feeble mind is as good as a weak heart. I have repeatedly advised young adults not to allow their heart to fall in love without first letting their minds to scrutinize their potential fiancé. In this way they can guarantee that what they allow their heart to accept is already processed before being digested.

# 3 Think with your imagination

Imagination has always been the greatest door into the unseen world. It has also been the mother of inventions for centuries. If you cannot imagine then rest assured that you cannot progress. The majority of the things you imagine are things that are within your reach. Imagination is like a telescope that sees far beyond the things that we have in sight and things we have been informed about. Therefore never stop imagining because this is where possibilities are born. Without the power to imagine there will never be the opportunity to try. Imagination is that window that allows your mind to get fresh ideas and the strength to make you believe that you can actualize your desires

# 4 Think with your emotions

The difference between winners and losers is passion. Passion is emotions and without getting your emotions high about the things you wish to achieve you may as well forget about your dreams. I know a lot of people who had great ideas but who were also treating them as casual as if these things did not matter. These individuals did not get anywhere with those things because they never had the passion to pursue their goals.
Be a passionate thinker and you will always reach greater heights than those who approach everything with a relaxed attitude. Keep pushing your goals as if there was no tomorrow and when tomorrow comes you will be where you were not yesterday

# 5 Think with your confessions

There is a breed of humans who are experts in defeating themselves through their confessions. If you are ever going to become a good thinker then begin to think about what you say and say what you think about. There is no way you can successfully separate your dreams and visions from your confessions. What you say is what builds boundaries around your life and also demolishes walls of impossibilities around you.
By standing firmly on your confessions you give all your other “thinking engines” the fuel to keep firing and staying in motion until you reach your destination. Negative confessors never really achieve anything tangible because whatever you say, be it positive or negative is what you really believe.


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It gives one opportunity to think about. Encouranging indeed

wel it jst gives a focus that evry part of your thnkn does matter n huv a influence