The Battle At House Number 1099 - Part 6 - MVK

Every Bible reader has their favourite portion of scripture. I have mine too and my favourite, favourite has always been     1 Corinthians 15:46 which says; the spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual. (NIV) But before I go on with this scripture allow me to say that I personally believe that the Bible was not written to Christians in the same way that the South African Constitution was not written to politicians and road signs are not there exclusively for car owners. The bible is a book about people for people and it was written by people who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. This kind of understanding will trigger in all of us that much needed faith to believe God for the impossible. The truth behind this belief only becomes a reality when we are faced with situations that only the Bible gives us hope about. There have been numerous cases of individuals who had reached the end of the road and relied only on what the bible had to offer them. And those individuals have broken through their challenges

There was no way we were going to win the battles that we faced at house number 1099 if we did not have the knowledge that the Bible gave us. Standing your ground against the forces of darkness will require you to be relevantly equipped. And there is no better equipment than that which the Bible has to offer. And this is my own opinion after all that I have faced in my life.
Now going back to the scripture in the book of Corinthians we find a simple yet powerful statement that says ‘the spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual. My understanding of this is simply that we have to master our natural lives well before we can venture out into the realm of the spirit. A lot of people are so careless about too many things in the natural realm where we live and then they go on and try to apply spiritual laws whilst they have left a lot of obvious gaps in their natural lives. This has never worked for anybody I know at least.

In one of my previous posts I explained how I learnt to become naturally bold by doing a simple exercise when we moved into the house. There were nights when we would hear real noises in the kitchen in the middle of the night and naturally fear overcomes you and your hair stand and you have chills going up your spine. The next thing is you put your head under your pillow and just wait for whatever is out there to come and get you. The braver ones will normally go for the light switch and shout threats from behind the locked door. These are real messages in the Spiritual realm. Fear is fear, period. You can’t hide behind a pillow and tell the devil that you are not afraid because not even your grandma will buy that. Now here’s what brave me learnt to do; I would go out of the bedroom and stumble against the furniture with my heart pounding like a sledge hammer against my chest and go towards where the noise comes from in total darkness. My mind would be screaming at me showing me all sorts of things but I would choose to stand my ground instead. And by the time I got to the kitchen or wherever the sound came from I would be as bold as a lion not fearing anything at all.
This exercise and many others have really helped me to overcome fear in the natural. Then when I stand there and tell the devil and demons that I’m not afraid he knew what I said. And by the way I still don’t fear satan or any demonic spirit. It’s no wonder that I don’t fear snakes and most of the things that others fear. This is how I understand 1 Corinthians 15:46 when it says; “the spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual” in context to what I’m talking about in this article.

In my previous article I shared how my kids refused to use the bathroom because of the maggots that fell from the ceiling, and how I opted to use their bathroom while they and Joyce used ours. The maggots began to increase by the day and we just kept sweeping them as if they did not matter at all. One day I went into the ceiling imagining that there could be something dead in there but I found nothing and the reality of this whole matter became our next challenge.
One morning when we woke up something like what I saw in my dream had happened overnight, there were dead flies and maggots on the passage floor and the bathroom. And since we were not surprised we were ready to do the battle against these demonic creatures. We swept them away as it continued for the whole week and all this while I kept using the same bathroom. So we cleaned up every morning and every afternoon. One thing we did consciously was that we refused to give up and just kept pressing on through faith and much prayer. I prayed almost round the clock. I prayed whilst driving and I would also pray whilst asleep, and this became my life style. it was also in that house that we came up with 'fasted life' idea. this simply means that instead of going on a fast to pray we cut off many delicacies from our meals and only have a maximum of two small meals per day. this way our spirits were continually on the alert. This became our life style and we still do it 22 years after.

This battle against flies and maggots took about two full weeks and when it ended satan made sure it did so in style. We came back from work one afternoon and there on the bathroom ceiling were the largest green flies I have seen so far. I took a broom and swept them off from the ceiling but they would just fly back there. After doing this several times I got tired and decided to take them off with my bare hands. After all we have gone through in that house I had nothing to fear because somehow all the fear we had was used up in those few weeks that we spent in that house. We used to tell ourselves that it can't get any worse that its been already.
What was amazing was that they did not fly away when I touched them so I removed them and threw them into the toilet one by one and there were thirteen of them in total. That day the battle against the maggots and the flies was won. Such experiences teach you to despise the devil to his face. But remember that you cannot defeat satan until you make that decision to be bold and daring in the natural, then when you tune into the spiritual realm you have that ‘stereo’ kind of approach to life’s most challenging situations. To be continued. MVK

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All I can say is WOW!

Morgan lekgetho Mogagabe  

Rev Kotu it means that i must have Balance & Master the two the spiritual & Natural ,Now i have the end in mind about this scripture.

Moruti from this testimony I am learning that one has to have a bold character to make it in life. fear can really cripple dreams, goals etc. Through your continues motivating, encouraging testimony, Iam learning to be bold in all spheres.