The Battle at House number 1099 - Part 2 - MVK

House number 1099 was a palace when compared with the house we came from back in Soweto. It had all that a family could possibly ask for in a house. The area was and still is the best suburb just outside Soweto. So we moved in on a Saturday afternoon and unpacked all our belongings and by the time we went to bed it looked like we had been staying there for a while. But deep inside my heart I discovered that I had been praying silently for the past three days. Since the day the owner of the place told us that it was haunted I never let a moment pass without praying in my heart. I was not really worried by the fact that we were stuck with demons in a house, my worry was about what would happen if my kids discovered these things and living in fear.

Joyce and I have always been busy with the Church work and we hardly spent time at home with our children so it would be bad to come home and find them afraid, this could jeopardize our staying there and we would have to look for alternative accommodation.

We planned that if it was okay with the owners of the place we were going to stay here for at least two years as this was going to buy us some time since we were just beginning with the plans of getting a vacant site so we could build our house. We slept very well on our first night and woke up on Sunday morning without any incident even though we knew that we were not alone in that house. The feeling of being watched was getting stronger by the day Joyce felt it too and we spoke about it often. Every time we moved around the house we felt like our footsteps were echoing all over the place and these were not hallucinations, walking around the house felt and sounded funny indeed. Weeks passed by without any evil manifestation and we naturally started to relax around the house but our prayer lives had changed a lot during that time. Joyce and I would pray for hours on end after the kids had gone to bed and we would only go to bed around 3 in the morning. She used to pray in our bedroom whilst I prayed in the lounge.

It is actually quite interesting to see how challenges spur people into action and sacrifice. We ended up being on our knees most of the time and thanks to the challenges we had, otherwise we could have missed this valuable lesson in prayer. We also started to fast more often than we used to in the past. When I look back I think that God let us build enough faith through prayer and fasting in preparation to what lay ahead. Then one day our first challenge happened. We were sitting in the lounge one afternoon just enjoying a quite day after work and the kids were playing outside when we heard a sound in the kitchen as if there was someone in there. We heard them open the sink tap but it did not close, whoever opened it left it running. We got up and stood there in the kitchen and there was no one. Joyce spoke in the most authoritative voice and said “hey you shut this tap and get out”
It happened instantly. The tap was shut by that invisible being and we went back and sat down.

I must say that it felt real good to see us win this contest one zero on the spot. We spoke about it and agreed that we were going to fight our way through this challenge. We decided that satan was not going to send us packing. That evening we walked around the yard praying and speaking out loudly against the devil and his cohorts. I remember saying: “satan you are not the owner of this house, you are here trespassing. The owners of this place have given us the permission to stay here therefore we have a right to stay. You are the one going to leave, not us” when I said these words I truly believed them. Most people fail to take their authority over the works of darkness. The truth is satan owns nothing in this world. He did not leave heaven by divine permission, he was thrown out of heaven because of his evil attitude. See Rev 12:7-9 And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9 The great dragon was hurled down — that ancient serpent called the devil, or satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. NIV

Reading from the scripture above it is very clear that we have the right to resist any form of harassment from satan. So we won our first battle and it felt great and somehow I felt more prepared to stay in that house, I checked with Joyce and the feeling was extremely mutual. We felt the peace of God coming upon us in a wonderful way and this was accompanied by some ‘baptism of boldness’ that I never had before. The following days were calm and our level of boldness kept rising by the day. One day we came home and the place was broken into and some of our valuable belongings were taken but whoever broke into the house did not even walk into our bedroom where our most valuable items, including our money was kept. We thanked God that we were still standing, this was nothing and we continued to be vigilant.

Some weeks later I was praying in the lounge around one after midnight and the lights were off. I can’t pray with the lights on I’m more comfortable in the dark. Joyce was praying in the bedroom. Something very strange happened to me, as I was praying someone or some power took hold of the chair that I was sitting on lifting it off from the floor with such force and brought it crushing down. This happened about three times in very quick successions. I shouted “in Jesus’ name” and it stopped and as I was sitting there in the dark I felt an invisible figure standing there in front of me and I said’ satan I know it’s you and I command you to get out of this place in the name of Jesus.” This figure turned around and went down the passage towards the bedrooms. I sat there and continued to pray not moved at all by what had just happened. I finished praying around 3 in the morning and went to bed.

In the morning as Joyce and I were preparing to go to the office I said to her I want to tell you about something that happened to me around one this morning, but Joyce interrupted me by saying: “let me first tell you what happened to me around that same time” She went on to tell me that she finished praying around twelve thirty midnight and went to bed, but after a while she heard the bedroom door open and close and she thought it was me and did not actually think much about it. After that whoever was in the bedroom went into the blankets and lay next to her and that’s when she had a funny feeling. She felt around with her hand and touched that person, an invisible being who quickly came out of the blankets, walked over Joyce and through the closed window.
This was another attempt by the devil to send us packing but we refused to budge. We were here to stay and we were prepared for whatever battle lay in store ahead of us. I don’t know what challenges you face but believe me when I say you can stand your ground in the name of Jesus and you shall win. satan does not actually have the power to destroy us. We are too much for him. It was in this house that I found myself continuously saying; “God and I make a crowd” and I have never stopped believing it.

Try it, it works all the time. The name of Jesus is more powerful than you can imagine!
To be continued. MVK

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Jay, it is true that"do not envy other people until you are prepared to walk on their shoes"

This was just your journey set for you Moruti and we thank God you stood your faith and God was there to demonstrate His Mighty Power.

We really thank God for you.

Hi Pastoor, these testimony is really challenging and encouraging to see that when two people have agreed, speaking the same language then nothing will be impossible. I am just asking myself one thing, when you were not around the house. Where you not worried about the kids, at night what could happen if they were attached by the ghosts? That was a great risk...

HI Arthur. Yes, the truth is we were very concerned about leaving our kids by themselves.but Bro. what do you when there's nothing you can do about a situation. We saw God's grace in that we never came home and the children were harassed in any way. all the confrontations happened in our presence. MVK

Hi Anon. I fully agree with you, our paths are paved with graces that are totally different simply because our missions are just that different. I will forever be thankful to God for the path He chose for me. MVK