Confessions Of a changed Person - Failure Is Just An Option - Part 7

I’m sure that by now you might have noticed that I make very minimum reference to the bible in my articles. I honestly believe that the Bible is God’s infallible word. I also believe that it is the greatest book ever written but unless it is believed, the Bible becomes no less than just a well written novel. It has to be practiced more than being believed. The following statement will help you to become a better person: ‘you only believe the part of the bible that you practice’ everything else you don’t practice you simply don’t believe. I have always wondered what Adam; Abraham; Lot and Noah read. Did they have a written set of rules or directives to live by? No they did not.

The first man and generation in the bible to live by written polices is Moses and his generation. All past generations before them lived by faith in what God said. They held God’s spoken word as scarce as it was in very high esteem. It is obvious that those guys had more faith simply based on their desire to become what God promised them. We on the other hand have all these testimonies and written formulas of success yet we struggle more than them. Therefore my main reason for not making too many scripture references even in my preaching at Church is simply that you should learn to believe the little that you hear. Romans 10:17 says ‘faith comes by hearing…’

I have learnt to believe God as a matter of life and death. Otherwise all shall be in vain. What you need is not the knowledge of more scriptures but radical faith in the scriptures you already know. I don’t know many scriptures on giving and prosperity yet the few that I know have made me very prosperous. Off my head I can quote Malachi 3:10, Luke 6:38, Philippians 4:19, Genesis 14. I forgot the verse where Abraham said to the king of Sodom ‘I don’t want you to say that I made Abraham rich’ God knows that I’m not trying to be funny or deceive you. Somewhere else in first or second Corinthians chapter 8 and 9 it speaks about how we became rich through Jesus’ poverty and that we should purpose in our hearts what we wish to give every time we go to Church on the first day of the week. I’m a theologian but theology never makes a better Christian, just a knowledgeable one. And as a matter of fact most theologians are not convicted Christians. Another favourite quotation we love in our Church goes something like this; ‘educate a man without making God part of their education and all you end up with is a clever devil’

Some things always happen every time we come across the word of God either through reading it or hearing a testimony. The first thing we experience is challenge, then belief or unbelief which is always followed by action based on the two. There are always four steps to success or failure, and they are; Revelation Conviction Action and Results. Every time we hear a promise or anything we digest the information and come up with a personal Revelation. This is a result of how our Spirit digests what has just been said or shown to us. This leads us to the next step which is Conviction. Conviction is belief or assurance and this simply means that one has a firm belief in the revelation they have and not necessarily in what was originally said, because remember that I said the information given is always digested by the mind of the hearer which ultimately causes the hearer to believe in what they understand and not what was actually said. After Conviction comes Action. Action is also based on beliefs or a conviction which is a result of personal revelation. As you can see this becomes a chain of process that ultimately leads to the last state which is Results. Now believe me when I say that we don’t all end up with the same results even if we deal with the same subject. The best thing to do therefore is make sure that you are as normal as God wants you to be if you are ever going to walk in the fullness of His promises. Read Romans 12:2 ‘be transformed by the renewing of your mind’ It is only through the mind of God that you will be able to see things from God’s point of view.

Now have you ever wondered what God gets in return every time He gives us things? Does God ever reap for the things He sows into our lives? Or does God just give. I asked myself these questions many years ago when I was faced with the kind of questions we often ask ourselves when we have to give; ‘why must I really give’ or for how long should one give until they see the results? I’m sure you know Bill Gates; he owns the windows software that is used in every computer around the world. How much money do you think he gets for his product? Now I want you to imagine if the sun was owned by another person who was getting paid every time it shone. How much money do you think that person would make if he only charged one dollar per day per person? At the least that person would make about 4billion dollars per day assuming that not everyone would afford the cost. 

The truth is that there is actually someone who owns the sun, and not only does he own the sun He owns the air we breathe as well and the rain, the grass, the sea and everything else that we found on earth. And that person is none other than God. Just be honest and try to think as hard as you can. Why does God give us these things and what is He getting in return? The answer is found in 2 Corinthians 9:7 ‘God loves a cheerful giver’ James 1:17 ‘every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above’ 1 Timothy 6:17 ‘God who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment’ these three scriptures spells it out loud and clear that God expects absolutely nothing in return for the things He gives us. In fact it looks like God is more interested in making us happy than anything else. Look at the beaches He created and never uses. What kind of Character do you think God is? Very extraordinary hey! I believe that too. My first step towards my giving was in pursuit of that God feeling. I wanted to give and give and give without ever expecting anything in return until I felt like God does when He keeps doing it and just derives pleasure from seeing the many smiles he puts on different faces every day. I have been doing this from the very first gift, tithe and offering that I gave. Not once did I give expecting to receive and just like God I ended up with abundance in every thing. I know that what I’m saying goes against your religious grain but I really don’t care at all because what I’m sharing with you here is my personal revelation that has made me better than my peers both in and outside Church circles. I can’t think of something I desired that I never had. And believe it or not I have never prayed about my needs at all. All I have just been doing was give my way through all my needs and feeling good about it. After many years of doing this I finally achieved that very rare state of being and I can only describe it as the God feeling. Try it, there is nothing like it in this whole world. MVK

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for me, i have heared this message not for the first time as the member of TFT. i think what happens when it spoken one is energised act for a while and not being cosistent. i think even in soceer when i am not cosistent i wont play on the match day.
if some1 says this doesnt work, what is his method and result? i pray that this conviction, comes with action and results

Hi Des I agree with you that consistency is the mother to most breakthroughs. Our folks are looking for the fastest way out of situations and this has resulted in them having tried everything yet remain failures. Joyce and I started to give in 1984 and have never defaulted until has become a lifestyle more than anything else. and ja, we enjoy giving.


Hi Pastoor, Firstly i would like to thank God for you in my life. Having a personal revelation has been the way i follow since you tought us years back, i have been out of the City for 3 years and your teachings i crave like fresh breath of air. I remember when you say " if you don't like what you see run for your life" i choose to stay and get empowered. Thanks again MVK may God keep on blessing you and your family.