Confessions Of a changed Person - Failure Is Just An Option - Part 5

I will not be able to share about the challenges that we had in our new residence lest I lose focus of what we’re sharing about and also because that by itself is a topic for another day. Al I can say at this point is that yes the place was haunted but since we had nowhere else to go we chose to face the ghosts head on and through faith in God and much resistance from our side we managed to get rid of whatever ghosts that were living in the house and we finally had peace.

This took about 3 months. The experience we got from the confrontation with those evil spirits made us to lose the fear for evil and even today I can face almost any spiritual confrontation on any evil level, and I’m thankful to God for that. As soon as we settled in that house we started looking for a vacant site where we could build our new home at this time my salary increased by 100 percent. A couple in our Church pledged that they were going to give us R800 per month. So this made our income about R1600 per month. These wonderful people did that for the next 2 years without fail. In the meantime we continued to help the Pastor’s family that I made a commitment to. I would check regularly to see if our Church income increased and every time it did I added another beneficiary to it until we made R5000 per month and gave away R3000. This is how my faith grew in the area of giving, and in any case the bible says if you cannot be faithful in what is not yours what hope do you have of having your own. To me the Church income was just that. It was not mine and as a good steward I was going to manage it to the glory of its rightful owner.
We finally managed to get a vacant site in a nice suburb around Johannesburg. The area we found it in was expensive enough for us not to afford it but the Lord intervened in a great manner. The site was very difficult to build on and as a result no one was interested in it. We saw it and we could not contain our excitement we decided to buy it. We had sixty two thousand rand and the cost of the land was R42000, 00 and this left us with nineteen. Armed with that much I went around looking for quotations to blast and remove the rocks on the site but the cheapest quote I had was R100 thousand. Then I realized the reason no one was interested in that land. This was a burden and we were stuck with it. Even at that point we refused to lose faith. We spoke about all the possible ways of going around this obstacle and finally we decided that once again I was going to be my own Architect, Contractor, the lot. We decided that we were going to buy sledge hammers and break every rock by hand, and this was definitely not going to be an easy one! I used the nineteen thousand we had to buy bricks and stored them on site and started designing the plans. This was at the beginning of the year 2000. The work of breaking the rocks took us at least 4 months I had to employ others to help whilst I was also dong it. Some guys at the Church offered their too. By the end of June we could see what we were doing and it was quite encouraging. I completed the plans of the house in September the same year and submitted them for approval. 
By this time my income had increased to R8000 per month from the Church. So it took me exactly 10 years to earn the R7500 I did when I left work back in 1990 and an increase of R500 extra. Don’t you just think that God was in control all this while? On top of that was now making enough income as a self employed architect and even though it was fluctuating by the time we started to build our house in January 2001 I was able to put at least R20000, 00 per month into the project believe it or not! To be continued. MVK

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I have heard the story several times, ever since I came to TFT. Everytime I hear it, I get new inspiration from it. Faith like that is hard to find these days.It is what We should always expect of any pastor, unfortunately it is not always the case. You have Faith Like nothing I have ever seen. Your Faith filters down to us in ways that you cannot explain. I always thank God for you and pray that He may bless you even more. Thank you!!!! Thembekile M.

madam. looking back I believe that God had 'put His hand' before us to sort of screen off all else because today I cant just figure out how we really went through that era. I understand better what the good fight of faith means because I'm sure that was one school of faith that we had to go through, and Im glad that the Lord took us through it. be blessed and thanks for reading. MVK

moruti u've got faith that is unbelievable & u'r believe in the all mighty is so amazing.i have learnt a lot from u.i dont allow myself to miss anything u write because i know after reading i gain a lot.what inspires me mostly is that there is no inch of laziness in u.keep on writing for me its a training that enables me to fight back whenever i am faced with a battle.