Confessions Of a changed Person - Failure Is Just An Option - Part 3

It took our Church just over six months to have an income of R2000 per month I got very excited at seeing this progress. To me it simply meant that we were on the right track and God was backing us up. I could not wait to call a meeting with the gentlemen who agreed to pay me fifty percent of the total income, which at that moment was R500 because our Church income was only a thousand rands per month. The first six months of my full time ministry were more like a school of character building and learning to trust God at all costs.

To me money had almost lost its true value and was just a means of exchange and I had learnt that if I had food and clothing then I did not really need any money because I already had what money could buy. I experienced a truly serious breakthrough in my life during that time. We stayed with my mother in Soweto in a municipal owned house and at that time most of the houses were transferred into the names of the tenants. My mothers’ house was also transferred to her and out of pity for Joyce and me she decided to give us the house on condition that we stayed with her. We agreed and shared the four roomed house with her. I started making plans to extend the house which was a mere 40 square meters, really not enough for a family of 5 including my two kids.

I did my estimates and found that I needed at least R40 thousand rands to extend the house to at least 100 square meters. And this estimate was for materials only because I had decided that I was going to build the property myself. There were too many obstacles before us. My salary was R 740 per month; I had no idea whatsoever about buildings but I was determined that it was going to happen, as they say ‘by hook or by crook’ overtaken by the prospect of owning my first house I started right away to make arrangements. My first stop was going to construction sites and asking questions about the basics of building, this included mixes foundations, tools etc. the more I asked was the more I found good reasons never to even start the project. A brother in our Church was an architect I went to her house almost daily to learn about drawing plans and all related regulations. Back then things were quite easy because anyone who understood the regulations and had the skill to design was already an architect. The brother taught me everything about the trade and within three months I drew my house plan ready for building.

Within the next few months I already had enough bricklaying knowledge, I already learnt arc welding at school when I was young and this was going to come in handy when I do my window frames. I got books on electrical installation, plumbing and carpentry and I was ready for my first project; all I needed was just money, forty thousands of it. I wish to point out to you that I am thankful to God for allowing me to pass through that dry season because looking back that was the beginning of my present life. Had I not gone through that period because I'm certain that I could still be where I was 30 years ago. I know of guys who have never progressed a bit all those years they still struggle the same way they did back then.

I started to buy a few building blocks every month and stored them preparing for the project ahead. The whole process was more discouraging that anything else but I simply chose to focus on the years ahead seeing the project finished than focussing on what was not happening. If you are ever going to breakthrough in this life then decide that failing is just an option otherwise you will never even get to base one of your life. I started changing my vocabulary to suit my faith. No income became un-cashed cheques, opposition became competition, discouragement became bad day, and we declared a fast every time we had no food and broke it as soon as food arrived. We made our own rules and satan knew he was not going to get to us we kept him at bay all the way. All these helped me to go through the day without ever looking back in regret and our faith for breakthroughs grew at a rapid pace.

My meeting with the Church gentlemen was very brief, I told them that I was aware that the income has increased by 100 percent but the request I put to them made them to question my sanity, I told them that I have identified another Pastor who actually needed financial assistance and that we were going to have to give him the R1000 that was increased since I became full time in the ministry, I will continue to earn the R500 as I was already used to doing so. My reason for making this decision was simply based on me challenging God about the laws of prosperity that are in the bible. Outwardly I was a bit shaken because I really needed the money to finance my building project. But then deep down in the core of my soul I knew I was on the right track. The meeting was that brief and we agreed. Joyce was excited about the decision and miracles began to happen. When I finally started to build my house my nett income was R500 from the Church and R240 from the job I had as a taxi driver. There I was facing a project, challenges, a family to feed and satan’s  competition but determined to build a house on a salary of  R740 per month. Impossible? Never, I started digging the foundations. To be continued. MVK

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Wow Mfundisi, this is very interesting and encouraging, I can't wait for part 4. May God continue to bless and give you more wisdom.

another wow! it is S-M-E indeed. what is in my mouth recetly was. you dont need to earn a Big salary for God to bless you. God doesnt need money to give one a house. so the problem with us we dream according to the size of our salary and type of a Job. I always had big money to last me for future paymets, now is month to moth but i havent downgraded, i also beleive maybe is a school of character because it make me believe more on God daily, than the time i had money to cover me for the next 6 months.


Dear Moruti

Wow, I must say this is such an inspiration, especially now as Im going through a tough time in my life and sometimes feels like all hope is gone, but God is there and he will see me through.satan is a liar and has no place in my life and my family.

God bless you Pastor!!!!! and may you keep on inspiring us with you testimonies.

Regards Tshepo