PART 4 - Confessions Of a Changed Person - On Fathers Day 20 June - MVK

It was only on the morning when my mother asked questions that I learnt that on the day my dad took my younger brother with him, he actually did not take him home but he went on to give him away to some family somewhere in Soweto. Why did he have to do that anyway since we were no longer staying with him? I never got the answer to this very day. Some of the things people do will only be explained in the next life.

Somehow my mother made arrangements and on that same day we were once more re united with my brother. On comparing notes with him he told me that the people he was “donated” to did not even know him and neither did he. I think that’s the sadness of being a kid and your mom is not anywhere near you at such times. We moved the same day from my elders sisters place to my other sister who was the family’s second born. She stayed about 2 kilometres away from where we were and we did not even know as kids. Maybe things would have turned out differently if we knew because we would have gone there instead, but also maybe we had to go through this route just so that our character might be built.
We stayed with my mom and sister for about six months and there was some misunderstanding between my mother and my elder sister’s husband. He came and beat up my mother right there before us. I still don’t know what it was all about but somehow after that we found ourselves living at my elder sister’s place once more and for me things went back to where they were some months ago.

Our lives at our sister’s house were so horrible that I and my brother would at times eat the food that was meant for the dog next door. We ended up doing chores for the kids next door so we would not have to steal the dog food but get it as payment instead. This arrangement made our lives much better because at least we could survive. I am not too sure why our own sister had to treat us in that particular way but now it didn't matter anymore we had a way out. When I met my sister about twenty something years later I still had the hurt in me even though I had forgiven her long ago. I must say it’s quite funny how these things never just let go, and from these things I have personally learnt that once a matter has been settled in my heart I have to let my mind know that the final decision has been made concerning that matter and no after effects shall be entertained. Otherwise your life ends up being like a ripple that remains long after the actual impact has gone. Our tribulations at my sister’s place lasted about a year with us not having any communication with either parent. I missed whatever was still remaining of school period and did my brother ,and became a helper at her house. Too many things happened I will not be able to relate them at this time.

A few months down the line I was taken to court by my brother in law and I became aware for the first time that my parents were divorcing. There were two of us minor kids and I was particularly asked by the magistrate if I wanted to stay with my mom or dad. I’m sure that you know my answer to that. And yes I chose that one answer, and in a week or so we went back to our home to stay with my mom and our lives got back to normal once more. We went back to school. The court had ordered my dad to leave the house to us and our mother. When this happened I was 12 and my brother was eight. This was like a dream, I mean it was too unbelievable, we had our home back; our lives; our happiness and what seemed like a very bright future lay before us. We lived peacefully ate and slept peacefully and above all else we were not as fearful as we have been the past months. MVK

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I am so touched and hurt by all this and for some reason I know that we are to learn from this and I guess we all have to go through rough times but you know what, Praies the Lord that it has all passed and instead it made you and your brother the men you are today.
Let not your past bring you down but make you conquerors

Some of the things that you went through makes one feel grateful for the way I was brought up. Although we did not have everything we needed, we had both parents and they did the best they could to raise us. It can only be God who helped you to survive all this and still be able to forgive those people who wronged you. Nothing is impossible with GOD.