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Hi everyone. Happy 2nd week Birthday to our blog!!! I have a number of very interesting topics coming up from this week. To be precise this week I will addressing the following:

  • Why some marriages never work out at all
  • Are you on the rebound? then do these things
I also have more on the: Confessions Of a Changed Person.Please make sure you don' miss this one.
Yesterday we had Rev. Ralekholela  "setting the house on fire" at our Church, The freeway Tabernacle. It was a wonderful service indeed. Many folks re-dedicated their lives to God and the most encouraging was to witness the number of youths who came forward to give their lives to Jesus. I give all the glory to God for the obvious work of the Holy Spirit.The preaching of the word of God by His servant was full of revelation and revival. My faith was renewed and my mind was re-settled in the promises of God. I came out of the service knowing without doubt that I have been to Church and God had spoken to me. To Him be all honor and glory. 
Whilst I prepare myself for the task that lies ahead of me this week, I wish to give you the following mind enriching ;thought provoking quotes. Think on these things
REMEMBER: These are just thoughts and statements I have uttered sometime
  • You will always learn something from a wise man even when he is wrong, than from a fool who is always right.
  • The difference between growing up and growing old is in how we do each one: To grow up we mature; to grow old we wear out.The latter does not require any effort, just wake up, go to bed and wake up again the next morning. But the former requires that you do something with your life every time you wake up.
  • Never die with questions un-answered you must have the courage the to keep asking every time you want to know something.
  • The only place you can walk but never get anywhere is on the treadmill, anywhere else you are sure to get somewhere
  • Every time you are faced with little or nothing always go for little it's alway better than nothing
  • Time is the only true commodity we have in life, nothing more nothing less
  • Better a man who reads for himself that one who's always told. because little knowledge is more dangerous than total ignorance
  • Never be willing to spend a thousand rand on a ten rand worth idea
  • Isn't it funny that evolution stopped happening since we became aware of it? I mean every day marks the end of a million years yet things remain the same.
  • When you always tell the truth you don't need to have good memory
  • If you keep seeing the same customers at your door everyday know you haven't changed your recipe
  • The friends you have today may not necessarily be the friends you have tomorrow. 
  • There is no such thing as an empty life, you will always have something to live for in this life
  • Your past plus your present equals your future. If you don't like what you're seeing ahead do something with the formula.
  • Sometimes the light at the end of your tunnel is actually an approaching train, so be vigilant always.
  • When all your dreams have died don't despair dream another one.
  • success and failure just cost the same, so don't be fooled into doing nothing
  • The power of failure lies in it's ability to convince us that we cannot make it.
  • If a murderer can swim he won't drown
  • Don't be average, most people are already!
  • Being average is like wearing a cheap pair of shoes, even if no one notices them you're still uncomfortable in them.
  • The main reason why most people remain average is because being successful requires discipline; good character; and staying power.
  • If you ever feel like God doesn't know you feel free to tell Him who you are, it's that simple
  • If God was our enemy none of us would be around 
  • God is our sparring partner, not our opponent.
  • Should God beat you down or knock you out don't worry He will pick you up
  • With God on our side even our own mothers won't recognize us.
Hope You find Them Valuable

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