Who wants to see a demon? - Part 2 - MVK

It had been three months since I prayed asking God to show me a demon and by this time I was honestly happy that it did not happen because since the day I prayed I checked a lot of books and saw many horrid pictures depicting satan and demons, and this naturally made me afraid up to a point. But then deep down inside I kept feeling that desire to come face to face with a demon, and looking back today that desire made a lot sense because it prepared me for a lot of things that I had to go through in life. Many people who oppose the reality of Angels and demons simply do so because they have never confronted these beings. I have also heard others say that these are simply myths or hallucinations. One Saturday afternoon in 1984 we were cleaning and getting our Church hall ready for the Sunday service and the Church choir was rehearsing in preparation for the next day. I and the other guys were now cleaning the yard outside when the musicians came out of the Church running as if they were being chased by something.

We ran inside the Church to check out and what we discovered changed the way I have always considered the things of the Spirit up until then. We came into the Church and the music was playing accompanied by the best choral voices ever but the problem was that there were no musicians as they were all outside. The sound of the instruments and the singing came from the ceiling of the Church. This is what made the musicians to run outside, they were singing when they noticed that they were not singing alone, every time they finished a song an invisible band and singers continued to sing the same song. At first they thought that they were just hearing things but they did two to three more songs and the results were still the same. Ultimately they knew that they could not take it any more and that’s when they anonymously sprinted out of the building.
After a few minutes as were standing there the music stopped. We all imagined that there was something wrong with us and tried as hard as we could to rule this out as an imaginary phenomenon. The musicians resumed their rehearsal and all seemed just fine this time around but after a few more minutes the invisible choir and band rejoined them once more and this time they said it was louder and more indomitable than before. The Church choir called off the rehearsal and they went back home somewhat afraid that they could be taken to heaven body, soul and all. It is such experiences that make one to develop an appetite for the things of the Spirit.

One cold winter night in July I was awoken by something that felt like a huge continental pillow falling on me. This thing fell on my body with such a great force that when I opened my eyes there in my face was the most horrifying creature I have seen so far. I tried to sit up but I could not because this thing pressed me down so hard I could not rise. I was face to face with a demon! Our faces were so close I could feel it breathing right into my face. It had fangs that were larger than a lion’s. If I have to describe it, it would go something like this. Its face was almost like that of a dog mixed with a human being. Its eyes were black and white and shining and full of anger and its eyebrows were pointed upwards and overhanging the sides of the face. It had hands and short legs with talons that were about ten centimetres long. This thing just held me down there with an evil grin on its face and I knew that I was in trouble. The room was well lit by a street light and my vision was quite fair.

Something very strange happened, as I lay there with my heart pounding like a rock and my breathing so audible I could hear it loud and clear. Joyce, my wife just lay there not aware of all that was happening to me. I heard a very authoritative sharp voice repeatedly saying; in Jesus’ name! This voice came from somewhere around the bed so near that I thought it was my wife. After the voice called out the name of Jesus for about the 4th time this creature let go and lifted off from me. It floated about a meter away from my bed and I turned to my side and saw it as clear as I have described it. By this time the voice was still relentlessly calling on the name of Jesus. I noticed that this voice came from my belly and every time it called on the name of my master the demon would be thrown to the opposite wall of the bedroom with a very great force. Within a few seconds the voice rose from my belly towards my throat still rebuking this demon until I was the one rebuking this thing with my own voice.

Every time I called out the name of Jesus it was as if a powerful force came out with it because the evil spirit would be driven back towards the wall and got angrier each time trying to come towards me. It held out its arms wide apart with its sharp talons protruding but it could not touch me as I called out the name of Jesus.
This continued for what felt like forever, me rebuking and the thing getting angrier. Then I noticed that each time I rebuked it in Jesus’ name something else happened to it. It would fall apart as if it was being blasted by an explosive. Each time I called unto the name of Jesus not only did the demon give up but it was literally disintegrated. It was finally broken into many pieces and only its face remained floating gazing at me with anger. It finally vanished and I lay there still calling out the name of Jesus. The atmosphere in the bedroom was so eerie.

I got out of bed and immediately went for the light switch. I was still shaken by the experience and also trying to figure out what this whole thing was about. To be honest I had already ruled out any possibility of me seeing a demon. This was exactly three months after I asked God to show me a demon. As I sat there just gazing at the wall and my wife still peacefully asleep by my side I heard an audible voice say to me; “remember when you asked me to show you a demon? This is what a demon looks like” I said yes I remember and the voice then explained to me what that demon’s specific role was. It took me a while before I could go back to sleep just sitting there trying to recall the whole episode and thanking God for not forgetting to show me a demon. I looked at the time and it was 2 in the morning, I switched off the light and tried to go back to sleep but I could not no matter how hard I tried so I just lay there staring at the ceiling whispering prayer in an unknown tongue as the Holy Spirit gave me utterance. After a while I woke up my wife and related the whole thing to her. After this I was able to sleep. I woke up in the morning having witnessed the faithfulness of God and the dynamite power that is bestowed in the name of Jesus. This experience laid a foundation in my life and I know how much authority lies behind the name of Jesus. Be careful what you pray for, God is listening. MVK

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There is power in the name of Jesus.Thanks Moruti.



the good thing is the devil is still defeated, he wont get any new power.

patrick augustine  

eish what an experience i think from your experience its enough for me to trust the name of jesus more than i used to and to acknowlege the reality and the existance of the realm of the spirit which we must get used of taping in it