Confessions Of a changed Person - Failure Is Just An Option - Part 2

One thing I need to mention before continuing today is that when tough times come upon us the first thing we naturally do is to panic. And here I'm using the simple word; panic but which in reality is more on the demonic side of life than we care to believe. There were times in those days when I would be overcome by more than just what I call "human care". I'm referring to those moments when you unconsciously do that inner stock taking not because you are worried but simply trying to put two and two together. Then all of a sudden this demonic spirit engulfs you up to a point where you just want to die and get out of your challenges. The second thing I wish to mention as a drawback to your progress is a lack of insight.

By insight I mean that inner deep rooted knowledge that something good is in store and is about to happen. It was during my darkest hours that the Holy spirit of God would whisper the most powerful words of the future into my spirit. I knew then that I was not only going to breakthrough but also that I was going to become rich even up to a point of becoming a kind of "covering" over others. God prophesied over my life and my future was laid bare before my eyes. Though it looked good the journey was not simple, but I was prepared to fight the good fight of faith.
During those times God took us through a school of character building. We decided at that point that if we were going to come out of our troubles we choose to come out God's way. We drew a simple "prosperity format" that we were going to follow at all cost. The plan was simple yet tough to follow. It included the following; We will never borrow to come out of our situation. We will never tell anyone about our struggles not even our families. We will give to anyone who happened to be worse off than we were. We will continue to believe in, and practice every prosperity principle that we know of. In a nutshell we burned all our bridges, and the battle began. The third thing we realized was that we were becoming more dependent on God and we were developing contentment. Everything we had seemed enough. We started living on short term goals simply because we realized that our long term goals were becoming the devils point of conflict. That is every time we imagined our situation a month down the line we ended up with more frustration instead. So we waited upon the Lord and realized that He was the potter and we were the clay. If nothing happens then we don't move, we wait. I must mention at this point that what I have gone through is by no means a way to measure how God is going to deal with you. We might be going through the same challenge by since our destinations are different God will take us through different routes to get there. The only familiar ticket here is His Grace.

I must give you two powerful testimonies at this point. One Saturday evening as we were preparing to go to church the next day Joyce was trying to prepare something to eat for tomorrow since it was not always convenient to cook after Church. she realized that we were only left with a small portion of Mielie meal. she told me and I told her to cook it anyway we will see what happens when we come back from Church. She woke up the next morning and cooked porridge before we left for Church. The truth is we did not know what was going to happen but anyway we were satisfied with what we had. We had meals of porridge and tea before and the best we had was chips and porridge. Our groceries always included 5 Liters of fish oil; a bag of potatoes; and a bag of mielie meal. This were more like life savers in our family. 

That Sunday after church an elderly lady came to Joyce and gave her a neatly wrapped parcel in a plastic container. She told her that when she was preparing her meals before coming to Church in the morning she strongly felt that she needed to share her meat with us. I mean cooked, salted and ready to eat with tomato and onion relish! We could not wait to get home. More than us being excited this was the first sign of God's intervention. How did the lady know? the truth is we were going through a trial but we definitely did not look like we needed 4 pieces of meat. This was a miracle from above. Not much to anyone with food but wait till you have nothing on your table. we knew without doubt that we were on "recovery boulevard" and travelling in the right direction.

I must say that despite the things we had lost and the fact that I was now listed with the credit bureau We felt that peace that only God can give. Like someone said "peace like a river". One other miracle that happened to us for three weeks in succession was quite a funny one. One Sunday after Church after we had lunch we wanted cold drink but we had no money so we decided to search everywhere we could in the house. We went on and literally ransacked the house and came up with coins that were sufficient to buy a liter of Coke. The next Sunday we decided to try it again and believe it or not we searched the exact spots we did last week and there were more coins enough for another liter of coke, and this was the second time around. To top it all off we tried it again the third week, same spots, more coins, and another liter of coke. And of course the fourth week we had money from somewhere and the "brook" stopped flowing just like it did with Elijah. It doesn't bother me at all if you believe it or not. I have seen these things; I have touched them and they have changed my life. There is God out there and He cares about me. I'm still going to shock you out of your mediocre faith and satisfaction for an ordinary life. Remember we said; failure is an option.
To be continued...

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Thank you Moruti, you really made my day, as write this note my eyes are filled with tears, but these are tears of joy and confirmation that God is on my side!!!


Moruti I just read part 2 on failure in the blog, about the little
miracles that made you know for sure, beyond a doubt that God cares
for you. And I remember you once related to me that story concerning 4
pieces of meat, well to somebody who's well off that may seem very

Been experiencing my own miracles, that have proven to me that God
really cares. For example in March, my phone had died and I needed a
new phone, my friend just came to me and said "let's go choose a phone
for you", we went to Maponya Mall and he said choose a phone that you
want and he paid for it cash on the spot!
Last week Tuesday (June 01), there was a Hillsong Concert at Rhema
Bible Church, I wanted to go but didn't have a ticket, a lady just
gave me a ticket (worth R150), and then a cousin of mine gave me me
R30 and a friend gave me R20, they didn't know, but it was just enough
for transport.

I could go on and on and on but what i've seen and now know beyond a
doubt is that God really cares and by the way there are a lot of
things that Holy Spirit has been telling me about the future, what's
about to happen etc. When I read your testimony, it proved to me one
thing...this thing works.



Wow vhafunzi,my eyes are full of tears while im reading this miracles which happened in your life,this tears are not of sorrow but of sure that God will take me to my destiney.i might not have most of the material things i need in this life,but i have God,who showed himself in your life,He is the same even today and i know that He sure will show himself to defenetly sure that im also in the right direction,there was a sermon u preached and you mention that God is consened even about the little or smallest things we want,and believe me vhafunzi,most of the things i crave my dad or brother will just happen to come with them at home,the very same day,without me telling them.and to top it of,this things are not needs but wants, psalm 23,for the Lord knows my needs as well and i know He will meet all of them.Glory Be To God.