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Mr. Martin Phiri

Martin lives in Johannesburg South. Gauteng, South Africa. He is married to Nthabiseng, and they are blessed with a daughter Tsholofelo. In his own words Martin has this to say about himself: I am born again. I'm member of the worship group at TFT. (The Freeway Tabernacle), in Soweto. I have completed a Biblical Studies course with WBS and graduated with a Diploma.
I enjoy my line of work IT. I get great satisfaction out of fixing things and bringing things together in projects and designs. My motivational scripture (Matt 22:37 "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.") Martin works as an Information System Administrator at Liquidaire in Johannesburg. His interests  are: Playing Drums and Weightlifting. Favourites Shows: Discovery World, BBC Knowledge, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Animal Planet, Discovery and Food Channel. Favourite Music: Gospel Music, Favourite Book: The Bible and Real life Stories.

1 Timothy 6:12 – Fight the good fight of faith…

 Possessing all of God’s promises means to receive and walk in our inheritance in Christ – our own personal Promised Land. It means to possess all the promises in God’s Word, including those He’s personally made to each one of us. It will take a fight of faith to receive what God has for you in this life. But besides fighting the good fight of faith for your Promised Land, you need to get God’s plan. If you don’t know what God’s plan is for you to possess your land, your fight of faith can end in defeat. I’m talking about faith in God’s Word. But I’m also talking about obedience to His plan. We must obtain the blessings of God His way, not our own way.
Remember that when the Israelites came to the border of the Promised Land, God gave Moses a plan for taking the land. God knew exactly how He was going to fight the Israelites battle for them so they could go in and possess what belonged to them.

In other words, they believed God’s Word was true, so they obeyed and acted accordingly – and they saw the truth of God’s Word come to pass before their eyes! If you have the idea that you’ll never a battle in life, you are mistaken the devil will try to take every inch of your Promised Land away from you – and he will do it if you’ll let him! You’ll have to fight by faith each step of the way for what rightfully belongs to you. It’s a faith fight because you have to fight by faith in God’s Word, not by faith in your own strength or ability. And the Bible calls it the good fight of faith, because if we’ll stick with it, it’s a fight that we win!
The greatest weapon you possess to fight the good fight of faith is the Word of God. In fact the Word is the only weapon you need to fight with, backed by the Name of Jesus and the blood of the Lamb (Rev. 12:11).

That’s why we need to develop our beliefs according to God’s Word – so that we think like God thinks. When believers don’t develop their faith so they can stand strong against the devils strategies, then their faith fizzles out. “Faith that fizzles in the finish has a flaw in the beginning”.
So why are some believers missing it in possessing their Promised Land?

Shalom Shalom

There’s a saying in the world that it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose – it’s how you play the game. But that’s not true when it comes to the game of life. In life, it’s not just how you play the game that’s important. Winning is important too! For Christian, winning means finishing you course with joy because you’ve done what God has told you to do every step of the way.
People who allow their faith to fizzle will quit in the middle of their spiritual race. But those who give up will never know the thrill of victory. All they will know is the agony of defeat. There’s no way you can possess what God has promised you if you quit!
Faith that perished is faith that fails in the tests and trials of life. But when you tap into the power and the plan of God by standing in faith on His Word, there’s no such thing as perishing – there’s only possessing. Believing God’s Word and acting on His Word and His plan is how you fight the good fight of faith and obtain the promised blessing. However, you need to know that the enemy is not going to let you possess anything in God without a fight. Even the Israelites had to march around the walls of Jericho and shout the victory in faith and in obedience before those walls came tumbling down (Joshua 6:5).

I’m going to receive what God has promised me. That’s the right attitude, but then you have to have the right plan. In natural, what happens without a plan? If you were going to start a cross-country road trip from JHB to Mossel Bay, you would need a plan. You would need to find out which roads to travel to best reach your destination. You can’t just start driving on freeway, declare where you are going and expect to arrive at your destination! Driving randomly, you’re liable to end up just about anywhere! But that’s the way many believers operate when it comes to possessing their Promised Land. Some just declare what belongs to them and expect the promises just to fall on them! Others jump out and start doing thing – anything – in their own strength to try to make something happen. All they know is that their personal inheritance in Christ is part of God’s redemption. But they don’t know how to fight the good fight of faith in order to receive what belongs to them, so they often end up confused or discouraged.

But then the Israelites’ got into doubt and unbelief and ended up wandering in the wilderness for forty years. So God had to rise up a new generation of Israelites who would believe Him and take Him at His Word. God is still looking for those who will take Him at His Word and possess their Promised Land. God in His patience waited for those younger Israelites to grow up. Then He again took them to the border of the Promised Land and said, “Now go in and possess what belongs to you.”
Now, here’s what I want you to see. God gave Joshua the plan for possessing the land, and this time, the Israelites were obedient to carry out God’s plan. They didn’t shrink back in fear, but crossed over into the land in spite of a raging river at flood stage and the impenetrable enemy fortress of Jericho. There’s always a way when God gives His plan!
You can’t receive your Promised Land from the Lord just by saying, “I’m going to possess the Land! 

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