From my Book: Living Your life in Stereo. MVK


Jeremiah 17:10 – “I the Lord search the heart and examine
the mind.”
There are so many things God created using his infinite imagination
and ingenuity. God did this in order to display the vastness and depth
of his mind. Amongst all God’s creations, man stands far above the
rest. God created you to be like him and represent him to all the other
creatures. In Psalm 82:6 he even goes on to say, ‘you are gods’.
What makes man God’s most superior creation is not just the same
image and likeness between God and man, but also because God has
endowed man with the most superior mind, which stands matchless
against the minds of all creatures in the universe.

God created us to possess the most powerful mind, to be the most
profound and the most creative of all beings. Birds are created to
fly and fish to swim, but man does both by invention. We fly higher
and faster than all flying creatures. We also swim deeper than all
sea creatures, even though the sea is their natural domain. God
has deposited into the mind of man the illimitable power to create
whatever man needs in order to stay ahead and dominate all other
living beings. This is what distinguishes us even more from every
other creature. It is difficult to fathom the mind of man, and I believe
that it is only through the help of the Holy Spirit that man thinks in the
same realm as God.
The challenge with man though is that because of the kind of mind
that God has endowed him with, he has to ensure that his mind stays
ahead and continues to be at its very best. Unless he does this, unlike
any other animal, man’s mind begins to deteriorate. Our mind must
be fed only the best ingredients in order for it to digest them and turn
them into great ideas. If we fail to achieve this then our creative ability
and dominance over all other creatures cannot be fully recognised.
By nature, and by physical design, man is not even supposed to be
at the top of the food chain as there are many other animals that are
too powerful for man to even try to compete against. It is our mental
capacity which enables us to ‘out-think’ the other creatures and rule
over them. We achieve this through God’s divine authority that rests
upon us.
The mind of man simulates the mind of God
1 Corinthians 2:16 – “But we have the mind of Christ.”
Believe it or not, but through the help of the Holy Spirit you can
actually think and see things from God’s point of view. You are not
just a creature that is able to see, feel, smell and touch, but you have
an exceptional mind that is able to touch the realms of the divine
supernatural. Your mind is not only capable of understanding Godly
issues; it can also create Godly realms around you. Realms free from
all negative influence and failure. When man sits down to think, rest
assured that something great will come forth because it is through the
mind of man that God dominates the affairs of the world. God is in
heaven and he has given the earth unto the sons of men. So each time
God wants to accomplish something on earth, no matter what, he will
surely connect with man’s mind in order to give birth to it. This is the
reason why small minds cannot accomplish much because the mind of
God breaks every limit and obstacle.

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