Ten Rules To Successful Thinking - Part 2 MVK

# 6 Think while you sleep

Train yourself to think round the clock, especially when your mind is at its most creative state, when you are asleep. I have noticed that some of the negative things that I refused to entertain during the day would suddenly come back after hours especially when I’m asleep. As a result I have resorted to making sure that I avoid all manner of negativity in the evening. I make sure that I read a bible verse or a chapter from a book that I would be busy with just before I sleep. In this way I make sure that my last deposit into my mind will enable me to think positively and creatively while I sleep. I have found many solutions to some problems during my sleep. Things that I was unable to resolve during the day were unlocked during that time of sleep and by the time I woke up the next morning I had the solution. I believe that nightmares and bad dreams are also a result of a mind that was allowed to sleep without being fed positive stuff to process.

# 7 Think while you work
You have been created to go beyond all natural limits and your mind and body are the greatest invention to ever walk on this planet. I believe that God really put limitless abilities into you and that you can do a lot of things at the same time and still get them right. Work is something that has been created to release creativity in us and as a result more ideas and solutions come into our minds while we work. It is possible that you have realized that busy people are more creative and more successful than those who are idle.
It is only when you get involved physically that your mind releases some of the greatest ideas and you find that you end up thinking out of your normal range. Always work at something and you will find solutions to some things that you could not resolve.

# 8 Think while you are down and out
One thing that I can guarantee you is that being in any kind of a bad situation does not steal your ability to think. Therefore do not allow yourself to fail to think simply because you are defeated by something. Trials and tribulations have a way of turning our small minds into becoming mega minds. Some individuals became creators and innovators because of their challenges. The only group of people who fail to think during tough times are the ones who never think habitually. We have been created in such a way that when something goes wrong with us then our minds should go into “overdrive” and create a way out of the prevailing situation. This is who we are and this is what we are capable of achieving. Never underestimate the power of those “what ifs” that come through your mind when you are being tried and tested. Those positive thoughts are called possibilities under those circumstances and they can actually happen if you see them from a positive thinker’s point of view. So do not be afraid to listen to both your head and your heart as they calculate the situation and come up with possibilities. This is how some people have come out of trouble.

# 9 Think through your challenges
Never use all your thinking power on what you are facing but let your mind go beyond what you are experiencing at that moment. Your mind is like a huge processor that is able to solve multiple sums at the same time, and if you don’t allow yourself to think beyond your challenges then you will end up using all your imaginary resources on one problem. Consider every advice and offer at hand at that moment and make a thorough assessment of all you hear and see. Do not fear the challenge more than you have to but be challenged to even end up despising the true potential of the challenge. You have more reserves in your both your mind and your heart to overcome the situation therefore rise up and think about your life after the storm.
# 10 Think while you win
This is where most people fail. Winning has the power to euthanize the winner while he or she is enjoying the victory and that is why many people never become repeat winners but only experience victory about once in their lifetime. In order to win and win again you need to keep thinking about how you won even while you enjoy the rewards. Do not be overtaken by too much excitement but realize that thinking is like fighting and the sooner you get prepared for the next round, the better.
The only time that you are allowed to put off your armour is when you are no longer in the contest and this when you have decided that you no longer wish to think for winning.


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