Why I Think Some Marriages Fail Despite All Good Efforts To make Them Work - Part 15


Today I wish to get into another not so well understood subject. It’s about soul ties. This is how I understand the theory of Soul ties. In our previous articles I mentioned the Spiritual and the Soul part of man and how each functions. About the soul part of man I wish to reveal the following; this is the part where emotions, feelings, love, hurt, hatred and moods, are seated. It is also the part that we use for belonging, that is the part that makes us feel that we want to be part of certain people. Now what happens is that once a matter has been decided in one’s soul it becomes hard for other’s whose souls are not involved in the matter to understand the viewpoint of this person. Let me give you an example about a friend who is so madly in love with someone you have not met as yet. They keep telling you about the person until you want to see them. Before you meet the ‘love of their life’ you draw many possible pictures about how they look like based on the infatuation of your friend. Then comes the day when you have to put the face to the picture drawn, and you can’t believe your eyes!
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