Youth day - With Mr. Nicholas Mathole 16 June - At TFT - Time changed to 10:30

Mr. Nicholas Mathole
This year’s June 16 Youth day at The Freeway Tabernacle will be celebrated with a pioneer who grew up in Soweto. Mr. Nicholas Mathole, a man who is making a huge difference in the lives of many scholars by teaching them how to pass the most feared subject of Mathematics. In his own words Mr. Mathole describes himself: I am not a trained teacher but I have a great talent for mathematics. I teach maths to kids for free after school and our Results Speak for themselves.
• In 2005 - 9 distinctions in mathematics
• In the 2007 - 4 distinctions in mathematics
• In 2008 - 11 distinctions, 7 B’s, 15 Cs and 2 D’s in        Mathematics. I teach mathematics concepts, and I      develop my own material across the grade 10  12 syllabus. The name of the school project he established is called “Eyes Peeled Mathematics Clinic” He also teaches mathematics at “Teboho Trust” where more than 150 learners are  taught mathematics. The event will start at 10h30at the TFT old auditorium. 
Ø  Our program will start with presentations from different SETA’s (2 seta’s),    presenting their learnership programmes, available career paths etc
Ø  Mr Mathole will give a motivational speech on education with emphasis on mathematics. The last Seta will make a presentation. Youth will be given a platform to ask questions after each speaker. Scholars will then be encouraged to apply for different bursaries and learnerships which will be posted on the walls in the auditorium from different organisations. See you there. Time: 10h30Enquiries: Mr.Thabo Mosehla. 0762706552
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ELC Day - A Great Success - And Thanks To Modise Moathlodi

Modise and Zodwa
Phillip Semela
The ELC day at The Freeway Tabernacle was too wonderful. A big thank you to Pastor Modise Moathlodi. My brother you spoke to our hearts in a very special way. And hey, I am truly humbled to know that you actually read our blog. Thanks for that. To your lovely wife; madam thanks for your presence at our Church may the    Lord bless your family, and thanks to your daughter, and the team that accompanied you guys. The day was just too great. I believe that the seed you planted shall surely grow and multiply. I also believe that this is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship in the Lord. Thanks once more. Nozizwe thanks a lot to you too for a job well done. And my sister please understand that your entrepreneurship efforts in Rustenburg are simply identified as "bo Mkhozi" here in Jo'burg [LOL] however I truly thank God for seeing you through your situation, and just look where you are today. Thank you. Thanks also to Abe, Phillip, Kile,Sam and Bro Solly. You guys did extremely well, and your message was well received. and I'm certain that we have all benefited from your experiences.
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Part 1 - Confessions Of a Changed Person - On Fathers Day 20 June - MVK

I woke up today not feeling not too well about myself for no particular reason whatsoever. First I wished that it was not Sunday, but then I remembered that I am the Pastor of our Church and I was supposed to go to Church. So I had no choice. Joyce had already left as she usually does so around seven. I reluctantly woke up and fortunately for me I enjoy making up the bed so this was no big deal at all. I am not too sure if feeling sorry for yourself without any reason is common or is it just my experience. And I must say that it happens quite often with me I have even started to blame my womapause for it. Doctors have proven that men over 40 do have womapause which is an equivalent of menopause for men. Well if it's indeed womapause I certainly feel it more than most men do. To me today was just an ordinary Sunday until my cell phone gave a received message tone, another thing most Pastors don't prefer on Sundays. because It could be bad news that will change the rest of your day or just a Sunday morning encouragement from a Church member. Do I take it or not? I left it and went for a shower (the real shower) I kept thinking about the message  my mind  trying to see if I could guess who it came from and what it was about. I chose to settle for the easiest answer and that was maybe it came from Joyce since she left earlier she forgot something that she wanted me to bring along I settled for this answer since it made more sense than all others.
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