Why I Think Some Marriages fail Despite All Good Efforts To Make Them Work - Part 12

The key to understanding the importance of compatibility between people lie in the understanding of the composition of man. All religions and spiritual beliefs agree on the following facts: That man is a triune being. Meaning that man is spirit soul and body, and that all these three parts play a very vital role in man’s day to day life; his survival and the choices he makes. The following examples shall shed more light on my points. We say that with the Spirit man contacts and communicates with the Spiritual realm. And subsequently we believe that the Spiritual realm has two sides: The Good side and the bad side; the dark side and the light side, the desirable side and the undesirable side. And we know that given a choice no one would want to be identified with the negative side of the Spiritual realm. That is why we instinctively shy away from anyone who will tell us that they prefer being evil than being good. Now when it comes to religion we all believe that these two sides actually represent two beings; that is they represent God and satan or the devil.
Now this will lead us to saying that religion or any belief in any spiritual being; law or practice cannot be done without involving your spirit. That is why we have witnessed wars between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, Lebanon, and between Israelis and the Palestinians. These are not just wars they are Spiritual conflicts that are deeply rooted in people’s spirits, and no one is prepared to give up their Spiritual belief to accommodate the other. This is the same with people who prefer to become believers in ancestral worship or witchcraft or satanism.

We all have to pay with our Spirits. Our Christian Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. [and this portion does not say in the Christian way or Muslim way or pagan way] just in any way you wish they go, and they will not depart from it. This just shows us how deep our Spirits are, and that nothing but a serious seeking of a way out not influenced by anything else but just a pure thirst for a change can transform the condition of our spirits. I thank God for His saving grace because I believe that God as the creator of mankind is the only one who has that code of unlocking the Spirit of man and re-programming him according to His divine plans. Now when someone voluntarily comes to God for salvation without any hidden agenda or ulterior motives they will find salvation. But what about a person who goes through the ritual of confessing Jesus as saviour and in reality all they are after is to be married to someone who indicated their unwavering allegiance to Christianity. This is the same with all that I have mentioned above. And that is why Spiritual compatibility is of utmost importance. If I give up my spiritual beliefs I must do it with a clear un-pressurized, voluntary conscience knowing and willing to live with the any future consequences should there be any. Now giving up my faith so I can marry someone is not so voluntary as such. There is an ulterior motive behind it. These are laws of the Spirit.

This would bring us to the next point which is; which is the best religion. For a lack of a better word I have to use the word religion, but in fact religion is defined as man’s search for God. Religion is simply a means that men have designed to try and reach to “where ever” God is. But since these men are trying to look for a fairly existent individual called God it should not be that hard to find someone existing as if we are trying to materialize an idea. As a Christian I have a witness about God. After hearing the Gospel of how God created the heavens and the earth, and how He created man including all that we see. And being a very convicted Theologian, believing in Jesus as the only provision for redemption and having done my own researches on biblical facts and archaeology and having read written accounts by others on the reality of biblical places and excavations of the walls of Jericho; the resting place of Noah’s ark on mount Ararat in turkey. About the arena where Pilate sat when he sentenced Jesus; the via dolorosa; mount Golgotha and the final burial place of Jesus in Israel. I embrace Christianity as the only way to God. Not an exclusive but very inclusive God who wants all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

And as I said earlier God wants all men to be saved, and salvation must always be a result of one accepting that they are far from God as a result of their sins both inherent and actively practiced and confronting their spiritual condition and lack of God in their lives. This is salvation in a nutshell. I am not sure therefore how one gets saved because they are confronted with marrying a believer in God and their only reason is so that they find acceptance in the presence of the one they adore. My reason for saying so is simply based on my observation of similar cases. And I must also confess that some of such cases have worked out so well that they would actually contrast with my theory. To be continued. MVK

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Thanking you for taking time to clarify whatever fears I had from my previous comment. So if I understand you correctly, ones motive is one of the key factors for success. Thanking you again for taking the time to shed some light on matters which are otherwise taken for granted by an avarage joe like me, it is starting to make a whole lot of sense. Please make sure that your pen does not run out of ink because the results will only benefit those against GOD, do not want to mention any names....

Thank you for the message. It is becoming clearer. I must say, this is so much more interesting than facebook. So constructive and educational. Ke sure by the time I reach this adventurous stage, ke tla be ke le ready.

This blog ya rocka. Get us thinking. Facebook has nothing on this one. I am personally learning a lot. Surely when i get to this adventurous stage, i will be well prepared.

Thank God for the Blog, helping me especially in my daily devotions after prayer time. I think i becoming addicted to the blog, great work pastoor. Arthur


Sure Mpho I agree with you, I am always looking forward to read this blog and it doesn't dissapoint. Keep up the good work Mfundisi.

hi guys
i was asked a question; can your spouse connect with another person spiritaully i.e ministry and not affect your marriage?
help me here! i need a factual or scriptural or an explanation that loaded with common sense

Hi guys thanks to you all for your much valued feedback. and Collin, man your question is a bit general is it possible for you to rephrase it I am very interested in it. MVK